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The Centre’s objective is to improve drilling and well technology providing improved safety for people and the environment and value creation through better resource development, improved efficiency in operations and reduced cost.
Drilling and well centre for improved recovery
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DrillWell at ONS2014The DrillWell Director Sigmund Stokka gave a presentation with the title "Cost effective wells for improved oil recovery", highlighting results form the DrillWell research.
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Tubing left in hole testAugust 27, 2014, a full scale cementing operation was performed at IRIS.
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SPE Intelligent Energy ConferenceAt the SPE Intelligent Energy Conference and Exhibition, Utrecht, April 1-3, 2014, Hardy B. Siahaan presented the paper “Possibilities of Using Wired Drill Pipe Telemetry During Managed Pressure Drilling in Extended Reach Wells”.
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There is a strong interaction between the scientists at the Research Partners and the supervisors and specialists in the Industry Partners.

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