• improve drilling and well technology providing improved safety for people and the environment
  • create value through better resource development, improved efficiency in operations and reduced cost.
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DrillWell Seminar 2019 - open for registration30.06.2019SOLA STRAND HOTEL - SEPTEMBER 24&25 - 2019
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drillwell annualreport2018
DrillWell Annual Report 201829.03.2019The 2018 DrillWell annual report is out now and is full of photos, stories and reports from our researchers. It gives broad information about the DrillWell R&D work and recent results.
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SPE/IADC Drilling Conference 201908.03.2019DrillWell was well represented at the conference with eight papers
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Well in line with industry challenges27.09.2018Day two of the annual seminar showed that DrillWell’s research on cementing and P&A is well in line with the challenges that the industry is facing.
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DrillWell makes a difference26.09.2018Day one of the annual seminar showed that DrillWell’s research has a profound impact on drilling technology in the industry.
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erich christian suter 1
Erich Suter managed his phD-Defense successfully18.09.2018The thesis was part of the DrillWell Geosteering project and was titled: "Novel Principles for Effective Earth Model grid Management while Geosteering".
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DrillWell Seminar 2018 - Open for Registration02.08.2018Don't miss this extraordinary seminar with cutting edge presentations on the digital transformation within drilling and well technology.
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Epic fourth colloquium at the Pulpit Rock22.06.2018Oil and gas industry representatives met with scientists to evaluate research results within the field of modelling of dynamic processes in drilling.
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annualreport2017 1
DrillWell Annual Report 201710.04.2018The 2017 DrillWell annual report is out now and is full of photos, stories and reports from our researchers. This is the best source of information on where DrillWell is and is well worth a read.
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FUNDING OPPORTUNITY FOR MOBILITY AND COURSES IN DATA SCIENCE IN 201805.04.2018The ongoing INTPART NorTex Data Science Cluster project offers several mobility and educational options. In 2018 the cluster is supporting R&D and Innovation activities across the participating organizations and institutions; Rice University, University of Texas-Austin, IRIS, GCE NODE and University of Agder.
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OTC 2018 NorTex Data Science Cluster Workshop22.03.2018GCE NODE in cooperation with IRIS has the pleasure of inviting you to the NorTex OTC 2018 Digitalization Workshop.
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