• improve drilling and well technology providing improved safety for people and the environment
  • create value through better resource development, improved efficiency in operations and reduced cost.
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Reza Askarinezhad defended his Ph.D. thesis06.02.2018On Friday Ferbruary 2nd Reza Askarinezhad successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis at UiS: “Produced Water Management – Chemical Water Shutoff and Disproportionate Permeability Reduction”
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FRIPRO Mobility Grant15.01.2018DrillWell Post Doc, Ulf Jakob Aarsnes has been granted the FRIPRO Mobility Grant.
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Cementing experiments04.12.2017Ullrigg Drilling and Well Centre constructed and tested four annulus test assemblies, three of them with a model hole enlargement. Measurements showed that it is difficult to get good cement at all places inside and directly above the washout.
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DRILLWELL AT SPE WORKSHOP ON WELL INTEGRITY IN CANADA03.11.2017SPE Canada recently arranged a workshop on life cycle well integrity held in St. Johns, Newfoundland and Labrador.
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Successful playback of data from Ivar Aasen02.11.2017DrillWell tested three models for analyzing drilling data by using historic data from the Ivar Aasen field.
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New safe artificial rock for plug and abandonment04.09.2017Based on his Ph.D research at DrillWell Mahmoud Khalifeh has developed a new material of geopolymers that could become a game changer for plug and abandonment operations.
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DRILLING DATA HUB DEMONSTRATION10.10.2017The prototype for a new data hub that acquires and processes real-time data from drilling operations was demonstrated in front of an enthusiastic industry audience at IRIS.
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There is a strong interaction between the scientists at the Research Partners and the supervisors and specialists in the Industry Partners.

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