PhD students and post docs

PhD students phase 2:
Name: Nationality:
Solveig Riisøen Norway
Dalila de Sousa Gomes Brazil
Marius Staahl Nilsen Norway
Jacopo Paglia Italy
Anisa Noor Corina Indonesia
Shreyanisch Divyankar India
Post docs phase 2:
Name: Nationality:
Ulf Jakob Aarsnes Norway
Fatemeh Moeinikia Iran
Geir-Ove Strand Norway
+47 51 87 50 00
+47 51 87 52 00

E-mail address:

P. O. Box 8046, 4068 Stavanger, Norway
Prof. Olav Hanssensvei 15, 4021 Stavanger

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DRIllwell - Drilling and well centre for improved recovery