Key Researchers

NameInstitutionMain research area
Adrian AmbrusNORCEDrilling and well modelling
Ali TaghipourSINTEFDrilling and well technology
Amare LeulsegedNORCEDrilling and well modelling
Ane LotheSINTEFBasin modelling
Anouar RomdhaneSINTEFGeophysics
Benoit DaireauxNORCEDrilling and well modelling
Bjørnar LundSINTEFFluid Mechanics
Børge ArntsenNTNUApplied geophysics
Bård BjørkvikSINTEFFluid Mechanics
Dan SuiUiSComputer modelling
Dave GardnerNORCEDrilling and well technology
Eric CayeuxNORCEDrilling and well modelling
Eric P. FordNORCEDrilling and well technology
Erich SuterNORCEMathematical modelling
Erik W. DvergsnesNORCEDrilling and well modelling
Erlend H. VefringNORCEDrilling physics
Fatemeh MoeinikiaUiSPlug & abandonment
Fionn IversenNORCEDrilling physics
Geir-Ove StrandNTNUWell drilling safety
Gunnstein SælevikNORCEDrilling and well modelling
Hans Joakim SkadsemNORCEDrilling and well modelling
Hans Petter LohneNORCEDrilling and well technology
Harald LingaSINTEFDrilling and well technology
Helga GjeraldstveitNORCEDrilling and well modelling
Helge HodneUiSFluid mechanics
Jan David YtrehusSINTEFDrilling and well technology
Jan Einar GravdalNORCEDrilling and well modelling
Jan Ole SkogestadSINTEFDrilling and well modelling
Jelena TodorovicSINTEFWell Integrity
Johnny Frøyen SINTEFDrilling and well modelling
Johnny PetersenNORCEDrilling physics
Jostein SørbøNORCEDrilling and well technology
Kamila GawelSINTEFWell Integrity
Kjell Kåre FjeldeUiSDrilling and well modelling
Knut Steinar BjørkevollSINTEFDrilling and well modelling
Liv A. CarlsenNORCEDrilling and well modelling
Mahmoud KhalifehUiSPlug & abandonment
Manuel AghitoSINTEFDrilling and well modelling
Nils OpedalSINTEFWell Integrity
Peder EliassonSINTEFGeophysics
Pål SkalleNTNUDrilling enginering
Ragnhild SkorpaSINTEFWell Integrity
Reidar BratvoldUiSReservoir technology
Reza AskarinezhadUiSChemical water shut-off
Rodica MihaiNORCEDrilling and well modelling
Rune W. TimeUiSFluid physics
Sergey AlyaevNORCEMathematical modelling
Sigbjørn SangeslandNTNUDrilling engineering
Sigve HovdaNTNUDrilling engineering
Solveig RiisøenNORCEDrilling and well modelling
Sonja MoiNORCEDrilling and well modelling
Steinar KragsetNORCEComputer modelling
Terje KårstadUiSComputer Science
Torbjørn VrålstadSINTEFWell Integrity
Ulf Jakob F. AarsnesNORCEDrilling and well modelling
Xiadong LuoNORCEMathematical modelling
Øystein ArildNORCERisk analysis
Øyvind HaaveSINTEFReservoir engineering