DrillWell - Drilling and well centre for improved recovery

The vision of DrillWell is to unlock petroleum resources through better drilling and well technology. 

DrillWell (The Drilling and Well Centre for Improved Recovery) was established in 2010 and received status as a Centre for Research Based Innovation (SFI) from the Research Council of Norway in 2011.

DrillWell’s objective is to improve drilling and well technology, providing improved safety for people and the environment, and value creation through better resource development, improved operational efficiency and reduced costs.

This will be achieved by targeted research and development,
focusing on:

  1. Safe and efficient drilling process
  2. Drilling solutions for improved recovery
  3. Well solutions for improved recovery

The centre focuses on environmentally friendly solutions in the R&D and innovative technology development. It will integrate master and doctorate students in the research activities and also provide continuous competence development for oil company staff in collaboration with oil companies.

The developed technology and solutions will be commercially available in the market through cooperation with the service industry.

The centre is living proof of Trondheim and Stavanger joining forces together with the international oil and gas industry. The R&D partners in the centre are NORCE, the University of Stavanger, SINTEF and NTNU. The partners have a total staff of 310 scientists and a R&D volume of approx NOK 500 million/year within oil and gas.