Sergey Alyaev - IRIS
Sergey Alyaev - IRIS

interview with a DrillWell researcher

Name: Sergey Alyaev
Age: 29
Nationality: Russian
Education: I have a specialist degree from Saratov State University in Mechanics, a Master degree from University of Bergen in Applied and computational mathematics and I am a PhD candidate at University of Bergen, department of Mathematics.

Department: IRIS Drilling and Well Modelling
What are you working on (related to DrillWell) right now?
I am working in the project “Geosteering for Improved Recovery” aiming to provide an integrated solution for assisted geosteering. The project ties together our knowledge from physical and earth modeling, statistical updates, and robust optimization and demonstrates capabilities of all those tools working together to improve reservoir mapping and decision support in geosteering. In 2015 I was helping the team to create a joint prototype to show-case the new workflow. I presented our concept and early results at Annual Symposium of Society of Petrophysists and Well Log Analysts as well at the annual DrillWell seminar.

Now we are trying to apply the knowledge from the geosteering activities to the new project called “Reduced uncertainty in overpressures and drilling window prediction ahead of the bit” that would start in early 2016.

What do you find inspiring about the projects in which you are involved?
The project allowed me to learn more about ensemble-based optimization and use my creativity for solving particular challenges presented by the oil industry.

In your opinion, what are the main benefits from working in a research center with both academic and industry partners?
Since DrillWell center has tight relations with the industrial partners, it was possible for us to follow real geosteering operation in ConocoPhillips. This experience reveals every day challenges of oil companies much better than any scientific paper can explain.