Mahmoud Khalifeh - UiS

interview with a DrillWell researcher

Name: Mahmoud Khalifeh
Age: 29
Nationality: Iranian
Education: Ph.D. in view in Drilling Engineering

Department: Department of Petroleum Engineering 
What are you working on (related to DrillWell) right now?
I am currently working on a project titled “Materials for Optimized P&A Performance.” In this work, I have been investigating the potential utilization of geopolymers as an alternative to Portland cement for zonal isolation and P&A operations.

What do you find inspiring about the projects in which you are involved?
This project has the essence of a research work. By this, I mean both scientific and engineering perspectives need to be applied to reach a solution. Ingenuity, team work and creativity are the key parameters in this project under supervision of academia and industry that have been bridged by DrillWell.

In your opinion, what are the main benefits by doing a PhD in a center with both academic and industry partners?
Attaining an applicable solution in P&A is not an option, it is prerequisite. Therefore, researchers need professional guidance from industry to keep them on track. This makes the need of a research hub necessary. In my opinion, DrillWell has acted as a hub to bring together the stakeholders on this issue. In my Ph.D. work, our mutual interest is to open a window of opportunity for optimization of the P&A performance by utilization of new plugging materials

Where do you see yourself in 10 years’ time?
I am probably supervising Ph.D. candidate(s) in association with national and international organizations and companies on project(s).